Discipleship Class
Learn the Foundations of the Christian Faith

This class is for those who want to grow in their relationship with God, it centres around learning what holds us back from connecting to God, different ways of connecting to God and Biblical truths that change the way we connect to God.

Current class is full. Stay tuned for our next round!

Journeying to a One Percenter
Go Deeper, Grow Stronger

Have you ever felt like you want to know God on a more intimate level?  Are you willing to take a journey with other members of our family to increase our abilities to be activated as Kingdom ambassadors? Well, if that’s you, I would like to invite you to become a person on the journey to become a one percenter. 

We will as a group look at how we can go from where you are in our relationship with God with the journey towards being in the 1st percentile. We will grow together with our understanding of the different keys that open the kingdom realm in our daily lives. If that is what you seek, then let’s do this journey together. I promise that you will go from impossible to I’m possible. 

Journeying to a One Percenter is a 8 week course hosted by Mike Goodwin

Current class is full. Stay tuned for our next round!

Authentic Manhood
Men's Ministry Book Study

Join us at the church for this 6 week course, starting Saturday, May 4.
Classes run from 7:30-9:00am.
Cost for the book is $25

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