Houses of Prayer
Weekly Prayer Gatherings


What is a House of Prayer?

Our Houses of Prayer are where we grow the the most important area of our lives, our ability to engage with The Spirit of God. We believe that prayer is essential when it comes to the life of a believer. Prayer in The Kingdom is not a suggestion nor is it optional, but rather a key element of truly living out our faith & relatonship with The Lord.

When prayer is at the center of The Church, it stokes hunger for the presence of Jesus in everyone connected. In Matthew 21:13, The Lord says that His house will be called a "House of Prayer." WE are God's house, therefore WE are called to live as individual Houses of Prayer!


Ways that you can grow in prayer in our community:

Houses of Prayer (Weekly Gatherings - sign up below)

Corporate Prayer 6:30pm Fridays - EXCEPT 3rd Fridays

Corporate Prayer 8:00am Sundays - 1 hour before our 9:00am service

Corporate Prayer 4:00pm Sundays - 1 hour before our 5:00pm service

Join a group today, and let's grow in the place of prayer together!

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